Native Remedies Triple Complex Brain Tonic and MemoRise ComboPack

The ComboPack of Brain Tonic and MemoRise consists of multiple remedies that work well together to provide increased support for your condition. This ComboPack provides effective help for age-related memory loss with added brain tonic for maximum results. The Brain Tonic helps improve concentration, memory and balanced mood while the MemoRise is used to reduce mild memory problems associated with aging.

List Price: $87.90

Price: $53.58

You save: $34.32

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The Best Friends Book of Alzheimer’s Activities, Volume Two

Expand and enrich your Best Friends activity programming with 149 all-new activities for individuals with dementia. Like the first book, this collection of fun and easy activities will add both meaning and enjoyment to the activities at your adult day center, home care setting, or residential care facility.

Feedback and insights from individuals with early-stage dementia helped shape this new collection, as well as activity suggestions from national and international dementia programs. As a result, the activities include a new focus on diversity and multiculturalism. Also featured are topics of interest to participants in their 50s and 60s, such as the Internet, advocacy, and community service.

Participants, staff, and family members will enjoy fresh ideas for creative art projects, interactive games, and evening activities. New themes to explore in Volume 2 include activities related to the kitchen and food, life story sharing and reminiscence, religious and spiritual traditions, and wellness. Adaptations for people in the early and late stages of Alzheimer s disease, preventive measures to avoid unwanted surprises, and conversation tips make these activities particularly versatile.

Use this resource to extend the benefits you already enjoy from Best Friends programming or discover for the first time how this groundbreaking approach can transform activities and daily interactions.

List Price: $38.99

Price: $37.04

You save: $1.95

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BeauLily TwiddleMuff (Fringed) Hands Activity

Do you know someone with an eye for style and a taste for the finer things? Then let us recommend the elegant Twiddle®Classic: a luxurious lavender blue Twiddle® embellished with rings of satin-textured fringe. Reminiscent for some of an opulent Victorian parlor; for others, the rich wrap of Crown Royal XR, this original Twiddle® stimulates mental and physical activity with an interior squeezy ball, a loop of multi-colored wooden beads, flowing textured ribbons, a Velcro pull patch, and a satin pocket and sealed bag of marbles.
The award-winning, innovative Twiddles® provide calming tactile stimulation and comfort to individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, stroke, arthritis etc.

List Price: $45.00

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Tangles: A Story About Alzheimer’s, My Mother, and Me

In this powerful memoir the the LA Times calls “moving, rigorous, and heartbreaking,” Sarah Leavitt reveals how Alzheimer’s disease transformed her mother, Midge, and her family forever. In spare blackand- white drawings and clear, candid prose, Sarah shares her family’s journey through a harrowing range of emotions—shock, denial, hope, anger, frustration—all the while learning to cope, and managing to find moments of happiness. Midge, a Harvard educated intellectual, struggles to comprehend the simplest words; Sarah’s father, Rob, slowly adapts to his new role as full-time caretaker, but still finds time for wordplay and poetry with his wife; Sarah and her sister Hannah argue, laugh, and grieve together as they join forces to help Midge. Tangles confronts the complexity of Alzheimer’s disease, and ultimately releases a knot of memories and dreams to reveal a bond between a mother and a daughter that will never come apart.

List Price: $14.95

Price: $12.34

You save: $2.61

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Medic ID Bracelet – Hypo-allergenic Stainless Steel – Choice of engraving

1) Click buttons to choose bracelet length, and engraving info
2) Add bracelet to cart
3) Click check box “This is a gift” (doing so enables gift message during checkout)
4) Enter any custom engraving information into the Gift Message section during checkout
Or you can email it to us through Amazon

You may also call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with your Amazon order number handy.

Up to 3 lines of engraving are available.

Our hypo-allergenic stainless steel medical jewelry is durable and easy to read.

Each bracelet is engraved with the word or phrase you select from the list, and any custom engraving you provide.

The bracelet plaque measures 1/2-inch wide by 2-inches long. For best fit, measure wrist snugly and add at least 1/2 inch to determine proper chain length.

The bracelet comes with a “sister hook” style of clasp which is designed to stay on securely.

We will mail your bracelet along with a free wallet card via USPS First Class Mail within 48 hours of order completion.

These bracelets are so durable that we guarantee them for life.

List Price: $29.95

Price: $29.95

You save: $15.00

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