Seasons of Caring: Meditations for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregivers

Offering the gifts of hope, encouragement, compassion and empathy to those on the difficult journey of caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, Seasons of Caring is primarily intended for the much-needed comfort and support of caregivers.

The book is organized around themes and metaphors of seasonal transition, with each of the four seasons paralleling the various stages of life. The 141 entries open with quotes from scripture, sacred text or other inspirational text. The original writings by seventy-two authors representing a great diversity of spiritual traditions range from thoughtful meditations to poignant personal stories, moving poems and meaningful songs. Each is followed by a prayer and words of comfort and encouragement.

The book is a product of the ClergyAgainstAlzheimer’s Network, an interfaith national network of clergy, laity, and faith organizations working to focus attention on improved treatment, better care and a cure for dementia. It’s also an educational tool for support groups and advocates. Inspiring and uplifting, Seasons of Caring champions the dignity of all those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, and is a powerful resource in raising awareness about this disease and helping to remove its stigma.

ClergyAgainstAlzheimer’s is a network of USAgainstAlzheimer’s.

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Busy Bee Lap Pad

The Busy Bee gets its weight from a gel filled pad. Gel-Pads contain a non-toxic water based gel which makes them susceptible to freezing. This was a problem last winter when it was so cold in much of North America, and we’re not off to a very good start this year. Therefore, we reserve the right to hold shipment of gel-pads if the temperatures look threatening. Please contact us if you have any questions. Activity and comfort rolled into one. The Busy Bee Lap Pad is made of a soft fleece and is weighted with the 10″ x 18″ five pound gel pad inside. It has 5 manipulative and stimulus providing attachments including real lamb’s wool, a liquid motion, a bean bag, a Tangle, and moveable wood beads. The red edging on the new design provides additional visual and tactile stimulation. Weight is known to provide comfort, especially to individuals who are prone to restlessness. The weight of the Busy Bee is provided by a 5 pound gel pad, which is secured within a Velcro closure. The gel pad is flexible so the Busy Bee Lap Pad drapes securely over the user’s lap. The gel pad, with glittery stars easily slides out and can be used as an activity on its own. Includes a name tag. This item contains small objects. Offered exclusively at Best Alzheimer’s Products.

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The Alzheimer’s Solution: How Today’s Care Is Failing Millions- and How We Can Do Better

As the Baby Boomer generation moves into the ranks of the elderly in the next decade or two, the number of Alzheimer cases expected to develop will be staggering. Since current medical care cannot offer a cure, and even significantly effective treatment is at least ten years away, there is a pressing need for novel solutions to address the multifaceted issues raised by this devastating disease.

This book offers a measure of hope and coping strategies for people facing Alzheimer’s now or in the future. Authors Kenneth S. Kosik, MD, a neurologist and a leading Alzheimer’s researcher, and experienced healthcare journalist Ellen Clegg propose the creation of community centers devoted to Alzheimer’s. Here patients and their families could access programs of care, treatment, and most importantly, prevention, outside of the traditional medical setting.

They outline a bold vision of one-stop centers that would provide expertise and reliable information on a range of topics: pharmaceutical developments, dietary regimens, physical and cognitive exercise programs that may help to slow the disease process, and palliative measures to reduce suffering. Most important, the centers they describe would take a family-oriented, personalized approach to care and prevention, creating an atmosphere conducive to adult learning and facilitating personal growth in areas that patients have enjoyed over a lifetime, including the arts, dance, socializing, and a host of other possibilities.

The authors explain why the current healthcare system is poorly equipped to deal with Alzheimer patients, why the standard medical model is inappropriate for cognitive disorders, how market economics stymies physician creativity, and how new initiatives that work outside the existing system could go a long way toward providing the help that is lacking today.

For people prepared to take action now to prevent Alzheimer’s, as well as healthcare professionals seeking ways to help their patients, this book is a must read.

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The Alzheimer Conundrum: Entanglements of Dementia and Aging

Because of rapidly aging populations, the number of people worldwide experiencing dementia is increasing and the projections are grim. Despite hundreds of millions of dollars invested in medical research, no effective treatment has been discovered for Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia. The Alzheimer Conundrum exposes the predicaments embedded in current efforts to slow down or halt Alzheimer’s disease through early detection of presymptomatic biological changes in healthy individuals.

Based on a careful study of the history of Alzheimer’s disease and extensive in-depth interviews with clinicians, scientists, epidemiologists, geneticists, and others, Margaret Lock highlights the limitations and the dissent implicated in this approach. She stresses that one major difficulty is the well-documented absence of behavioral signs of Alzheimer’s disease in a significant proportion of elderly individuals, even when Alzheimer neuropathology is present in their brains. This incongruity makes it difficult to distinguish between what counts as normal versus pathological and, further, makes it evident that social and biological processes contribute inseparably to aging. Lock argues that basic research must continue, but it should be complemented by a realistic public health approach available everywhere that will be more effective and more humane than one focused almost exclusively on an increasingly frenzied search for a cure.

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